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Jinxiu Valley(Mt.Lushan)

Lushan Quaternary Glaciation National Geoparkis located in the Mount Lushan region of Jiangxi Province in the People's Republic of China, and extends across a 500 km² area to the Lake Poyang basin.

It is a favoured domestic tourist destination. It features exceptional upthrows from the Quaternary age, amidst stunning landscapes: summits and peaks, valleys, gorges, gullies, rock formations, caves and waterfalls. The area also contains large numbers of Taoist and Buddhist temples, as well as several landmarks of Confucianism.

In 1996, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2004, the Lushan Quaternary Glaciation National Geopark became a UNESCO Geopark, and is included in UNESCO's International Network of Geoparks (which includes forty-eight geoparks, eighteen of which are located in China).

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