Friday, 9 September 2011

Jip and Janneke

 Meeting card from Rotterdam :)
Signed by Jetske,Octabis,Dandillion,MissMaple,Cindy79,Tijtske and Laura ;) Thank you very much ,you all made my day :)

Jip and Janneke (Dutch: Jip en Janneke) is a series of children's books in the Netherlands, written by Annie M.G. Schmidt and illustrated by Fiep Westendorp. The series is known for its simplicity and wit.


MadeInCanarias said...

Vàga vahva blog. Olen su uus follower :)

Manuela said...

Hello there! I found your blog's adress on Forum Postcrossing and I am now your follower! Feel free to visit my blog at
I love all your pics on the blog and so on so keep it going! HUGS^^