Friday, 7 December 2012

12 Gifts for Santa Claus

It has been sooo long I posted somethig to this blog. :)

Far, far away in Lapland in the village of Korvatunturi where Santa Claus lives everybody are busy. It’s only 12 days to Christmas. Little Villi like for all the elves loves Christmas and making gifts above all.
But Villi is worried – what should he give as a gift to Santa Claus? It has to be something special.
Villi comes up with a great idea – “What if we surprise the Santa with a little gift every day until Christmas? Twelve surprises. That’s going to be fun.”    

This beautiful postcard is from Soinsi1 ,I met her in Hämeenlinna postcrossig meeting.It was really great ,and she sent me a card. I don´t know who did she know that thos book was one of my faves during my childhood.It is called "12 gifts for Santa Claus" by Mauri Kunnas .I recommed to read this book :)

Christmas is comig :) so a wonderful christmas song for you all too :)

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